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Small Business Management Certificate Program

Small Business Management Certificate Program

Starting a new business is an overwhelming challenge. The ASU-SBDC developed the Small Business Management Certificate Program to help meet the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs and newly started business. The program’s goal is to provide essential business tools for those interested in starting a business or who have recently opened a new business. The program will help you build the essential business skills and knowledge on how to run a successful business. 

This course is offered via an online learning portal. You are able to engage with the content and learn at your own pace. We encourage you to also visit with our advising team to get additional information to help you with your specific industry.

At the conclusion of this program, you will be equipped with the tools you need to successfully establish a legal structure, write a business plan, develop a marketing strategy, along with a wide variety of other management tools and techniques.

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Graduation Requirements

Please note: you have one year to complete all the graduation requirements.