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Graduate Students

Graduation Application

  • Graduation applications must be filed with the dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Application for Graduation
  • Participating in a commencement ceremony does not certify graduation or confirm a degree. Contact the dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research to confirm graduation requirements have been met.


To be eligible to receive a diploma, each candidate must meet in full the following applications:

  • Library 325-942-2222 – All books must be returned and all fines must be paid.
  • Students Accounts/Bursar’s Office 325-942-2008 – All financial obligations must be met to the satisfaction of the Student Accounts/Bursar’s Office (Administration Building, Room 100).
  • University Police 325-942-2071 – All parking tickets incurred by the candidate must be paid.
  • Student Financial Aid 325-942-2246 – All candidates who hold a Hinson-Hazelwood, College Access Loan, Stafford Student Loan, B-On-Time, Nurse Faculty Loan, or short-term loan – Contact Student Financial Aid regarding Exit Counseling completion (Hardeman Building, Room 101).
  • University Locksmith 325-942-2355 – All candidates who were employed by the university must have returned all keys. Please be sure to turn in your key(s) to the university locksmith (not to someone in the department where you were employed, as this will not clear you with the locksmith). If you will still be employed after graduation, your department head needs to notify the locksmith that you have permission to retain your key(s). It is your responsibility to take care of this matter. 
  • One Card Office 325-942-2331 – All obligations to the One Card Office must be paid. If you have a replacement card for which you still owe money, please contact the One Card Office.
  • Student Life Office 325-942-2191 – All cheerleading uniforms must be returned.
  • Visual and Performing Arts-Music Department 325-942-2085 – All Angelette uniforms must be returned.

Unofficial List of Candidates

  • It is the responsibility of each candidate to check the unofficial list of candidates, which will be posted during finals week.  It will be posted online and outside the Registrar’s Office, Room 200 of Hardeman Student Services Center.
  • A candidate whose name does not appear on the unofficial list of candidates will not receive a diploma or have a degree conferred. In order to prevent embarrassment, a candidate who is unable to check the unofficial list should have a friend do so.

Pronunciation of Name

Every effort is made to pronounce graduates’ names as they want them pronounced. If your name is difficult to pronounce or unusual, please contact the Registrar’s Office and give the proper pronunciation.

Absence Policy

Each candidate for a degree is expected to participate in the commencement ceremony. However, if a candidate is unable to participate, written notification must be sent to the Registrar’s Office.

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