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Homecoming: Ram Remembrance

C.J. Davidson Conference Center, Houston Harte University Center
Please join us for a candlelight ceremony remembering Ram Family members - students, alumni, faculty and staff - who have passed away Sept. 1, 2016, through Aug. 31, 2017.

Ram Remembrance is part of Homecoming, during which we publicly remember each member of the Ram Family lost during the previous academic year.

If you know of current or former students, staff members or faculty members who passed away during this time, please submit the information by Oct. 11. We will be sure to include them as we read the names and light candles for each during the ceremony.

2017 Ram Remembrance Names

Dr. Wallace Bost, Department of English
June Dunkin, Fiscal Affairs
Dr. Perry Gragg, Department of English
Dr. Douglas John, College of Education
Dr. Terry Maxwell, Department of Biology, Class of 1974
Harold Peterson, Department of Chemistry
Paul Pillsbury, Facilities Management
Bernell “Doc” Smith, Facilities Management
Martha Williams, Academic Affairs
Dr. Bernard T. Young, Academic Affairs, Department of Physics, Class of 1987
Wanda Zellmer, Department of Nursing

Amber Adams, Class of 2012
Amy Allen, Class of 2005
Bailey Anderson, Class of 1983
Elaine Atwood, Class of 1956
Dana Balkum, Class of 1985
Richard Bates, Class of 1982
Jerell Blake, Class Unknown
Marilyn Brandt, Class of 1971
Cindy Braun, Class of 1994
Mark Brown, Class of 1979
Billie Bruce, Class of 1975
Robert Carlile, Class of 1979
Capt. Steve Carter, Class of 1978
Frankie Chance, Class of 1969
Toliver Chandler, Class of 1954
Dale Chase, Class of 1946
Bobby Davis, Class of 1972
Raymond Dehnel, Class of 1936
Anthony Dosiek, Class of 1983
Barbara Dunn, Class of 1978
Steve Fleming, Class of 1997
Lee Francis, Class of 1992
Vera Freeman, Class of 1967
Kevin Freriks, Class of 1986
Barbara Hall, Class of 1981
Frank Hernandez, Class of 1978
Jennifer Herron, Class of 2016
Dr. Homer Hidgon, Class of 1988
Joanne Hill, Class of 1988
Arthur Hill, Class of 1971
Linda Hook, Class of 1996
Frances Keyes, Class Unknown
Helen Lewis, Class of 1970
Jeanne Lippe, Class of 1997
Larry Matson, Class of 1972
Darien May, Class of 1998
Steven McKee, Class of 1972
Tonya McKinzie, Class of 2001
Misti McNutt, Class of 2006
Sandra Meza, Class of 1991
Celia Mitchell, Class of 1979
Nancy Mobley, Class of 1990
Monte Moore, Class of 1981
Marsha Moore, Class of 1983
Darla Mullins, Class of 2007
CM Sgt. Gordon Nelson, Class 1982
Bob Nowlin, Class of 1970
Jack Orr, Class of 1975
Brooke Parker, Class of 2015
Randall Peel, Class of 1973
Louis Perez, Class of 1967
Richard Potter, Class of 1974
Foriest Rasco, Class of 1970
Kevin Richter, Class of 1995
Ida Rodgers, Class of 1984
Regina Rosales, Class of 1996
Lavanda Schwertner, Class of 1972
James Shannon, Class of 1981
Mary Smith, Class of 1981
William Snow, Class of 1979
Col. Jose Sosa, Class of 1976
Leigh Spraggins, Class of 1983
Cleo Stroman, Class of 1944
Reuben Sublett, Class of 1969
Deborah Sykes, Class of 1987
Daniel Taylor, Class of 1976
William Thompson, Class of 1974
Chester Varnell, Class of 1973
William Walior, Class of 1980
Robert Willis, Class of 1969
Dennis Winterrowd, Class of 1974
Ronda Wojtek, Class of 1972
Sharron Wood, Class of 1972
Gwendolyn Young, Class of 1935

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