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Ram Remembrance Ceremony

C.J. Davidson Conference Center, Houston Harte University Center
Please join us for a candlelight ceremony remembering Ram Family members - students, alumni, faculty and staff - who have passed away Sept. 1, 2017, through Aug. 31, 2018.

Ram Remembrance is part of Homecoming, during which we publicly remember each member of the Ram Family lost during the previous academic year.

This list of names was gathered from university records and an online submission form. Our sincere apologies for anyone we may have overlooked.

2018 Rams Remembered


Dr. Martha Brown, College of Business
Dr. Raymond Carver, Department of Communication, Drama and Journalism
Dr. David J. Crowther, Department of Nursing
Dr. Edgar N. Drake, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Garland G. Hunnicutt, Department of Business Administration
Richard C. Seaman, Department of Communication, Drama and Journalism
Dr. J. Thomas Yokum, Department of Management and Marketing


Mary Chatfield, Porter Henderson Library
Shirley Richardson, Porter Henderson Library


John C. “Neal” Bartfield, Class of 1997
Richard Bartlett, Class of 1987
Russell Blumentritt, Class of 1948
Jeffrey Bolf, Class of 1991
Bobbie K. Box, Class of 1953           
Vicki Bredemeyer, Class of 1974
Virginia Brodnax, Class of 1948
Don W. Brown, Class of 1970
James Buchanan, Class of 1970
Howard Callison, Class of 1980
Michael Caraway, Class of 1969
MSGT (Ret.) Alfonzo Celaya, Class of 1984
Jay Chandler, Class of 2003
Cpt. Ron Clanton, Class of 1987
Kathryn Coffey, Class of 1938
Cpt. Charles Cooper, Class of 1938
Robert Corrigan, Class of 2017
Shirley Cox, Class of 1955
Floyd L. Crider, Class of 1994
William Crouch, Class of 1970
Joe Crousen, Class of 1961
Billye B. De Long, Class of 1962
Jeri B. Denniston, Class of 1989
Delora Devenport, Class of 1968
George Emery, Class of 1980
Sonja England, Class of 1988
Rodney Fischer, Class of 2000
Bridget Feldhaus, Class of 2008
James Fisher, Class of 1976
Dr. George A. Foelker, Class of 1973
Tony Frerich, Class of 1978
Ruth Galloway, Class of 1983
Mario A. Garcia, Class of 1973
Barbara Girvin, Class of 1971
William Grass, Class of 1971
Douglas Guenthner, Class of 1942
Greg Haley, Class of 1981
Jim W. Hamilton, Class of 1973
Clinton Harlow, Class of 1968
John Harris III, Class of 1974
CMSgt. (Ret.) Ronnie Hawkins, Class of 1979
John Alvin Hay, Class of 1941
Jason I. Hernandez, Class of 2005
Raymond M. Holguin, Class of 1951
James Howard, Class of 1976
Marjorie Howell, Class of 1974
Mettie Hutchinson, Class of 1975
Berl Jenkins, Class of 1974
Mark Jenkins, Class of 1981
Dana Johnson-Manley, Class of 1983
Marilyn A. Kettler, Class of 1995
Barbara Kingston, Class of 1971
Chrystal Kleppner, Class of 1945
Diana Kunce, Class of 1975
Brenda Major, Class of 1974
Luis Martinez, Class of 1980
Tom C. Massey, Class of 1950
Ann McCartney, Class of 1981
Betty McGinnis, Class of 1979
John Mendiola, Class of 1991
Eugene Miller, Class of 1942
Susana C. Miranda, Class of 1968
Anita Moore, Class of 1948
Dr. Ewell Murphy, Class of 1944
Carole Nelson, Class of 1981
Michael A. Null, Class of 1982
Bettie Olsak, Class of 1948
Stephen Papp, Class of 2011
Barbara Polk, Class of 1992
Debra Price, Class of 1984
Howard D. Purvis, Class of 1950
Ralph Reeves, Class of 1985
William Reynolds, Class of 2013
Betty J. Richardson, Class of 1974
Consuelo Rios, Class of 1984
Olan Roberds, Class of 1985
Clarence A. Roberson, Class of 1948
Joe Rodriguez, Class of 1986
Juan Rodriguez, Class of 1984
Erminia Salas, Class of 1974
Judith Schmickle, Class of 1974
Leon Schultz, Class of 1969
Rodney Seitz, Class of 1970
Mary Sharp, Class of 1968; 1974
O. Wayne Simpson, Class of 2004
Carlton Smith, Class of 1949
Timothy Smith, Class of 1987
Gustavo R. Sosa, Jr., Class of 1978
Brenda Steadman, Class of 1964
Stephanie Stewart, Class of 2009
Theresa Stone, Class of 1977
Frank Sturzl, Class of 1974
Sandra Truett, Class of 1977
Mary Velez-Ortegon, Class of 2009
William Watkins, Class of 1973
Montie Watson, Class of 1982
James Webb, Class of 1975
Tonie Welch, Class of 1969
June Wicker, Class of 1952
Barbara Williams, Class of 1974
Willis Williams, Class of 1951
James Wren, Class of 1977
Richard Young, Class of 1973

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