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A Place to Stay Planning Session

3:00pm - 5:00pm
Plaza Verde, Vista Verde Room

Fostering Hope Austin, in collaboration with San Angelo Foster Parent Coalition, is holding a Foster Care Awareness community event to make people aware of the need for foster homes and to help the people of San Angelo to work together in providing support to those who express an interest in fostering.

We need people from the community to step forward to help organize the event, and be involved in the post-concert activities.

A state-wide initiative, A Place to Stay: Foster Care Awareness Event, involves the Texas Governor’s Office, Real Life Real Music, and Fostering Hope Austin in supporting San Angelo in raising awareness of the foster care need and supporting your local organizations as more people begin to serve.


A Place to Stay has these goals:

  • Increase awareness of the foster care need in San Angelo
  • Provide an entertaining and inspiring city-wide concert with nationally known country music artists
  • Facilitate a multi-sector collaboration to streamline the process of serving foster care children
  • Strengthen and equip local non-profits and ministries with excellent resources so that after the concert, San Angelo non-profits and ministries can continue engaging people in the need.

Topics of this meeting will include marketing, preparation, and the post-concert work that may need to be done (supporting people to serve).

Registration for this event is now closed.

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Patrick Dierschke
San Angelo Foster Parent Coalition
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