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Guest Presentation: “Nanoscale Brain-Machine Interfaces”

Mathematics-Computer Science Building
Join us for an interesting and informative presentation by ASU alum Dr. Daniel L. Gonzales, a 2019 Hanna Gray Fellow of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Titled “Nanoscale Brain-Machine Interfaces,” the presentation will take place in Room 100 of the MCS Building. Pizza and snacks will follow in Room 120 of the Vincent Building.

Dr. Daniel GonzalesDr. Daniel Gonzales“Neural circuits within the brain produce a symphony of bioelectric signaling that gives rise to perception, behavior, learning, and memory. A significant goal in neuroscience is to understand the computations underlying large networks of neural circuits; however, the vast spatial scale of the brain poses a significant challenge. Even activity in miniscule structures - less than 1/100th the width of a hair - can affect the output of circuits that span the length of the brain and change behavior and perception.

My work focuses on developing tools that record neural activity across many of these spatial scales. By integrating nanoelectrodes onto a brain-machine interface, we can not only study the properties of neural circuits at the nanoscale, but also monitor the electrical dynamics of entire networks of neurons.

In this talk, I will discuss our ongoing efforts in the Nano-Neurotechnology Lab at Purdue to develop these new technologies to primarily study the brains of mice, but with applications in non-human primates and humans.

In addition, I will discuss my journey from ASU Physics to Purdue Engineering and how pursuing a Ph.D. enabled exploring a wide range of scientific studies.”

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