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Club Sports Council Application

Club Sports Council positions offer experienced student leaders the opportunity to take on another leadership role outside of their membership in a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Students in these roles will strive to develop effective and essential leadership skills while assisting with the allocation and monitoring of student service fees. The Club Sports Council shall ensure that all student service fees are spent in a fiscally responsible manner while promoting the competitive, recreational student organizations that uphold the mission statement of Angelo State University.

Club Sports, registered student organizations whose primary purpose is to represent Angelo State University at various competitive events, fall into a special category of organizations. The Club Sports Council will oversee the operation of club sports at ASU and establish policies that club sports must follow to maintain their status as a club sports organization. Separate funding, outside of the SOLF program, will be provided for club sports activities. A potential student organization must declare whether it wishes to be classified as a Club Sport at the time their Student Organization Registration Form is submitted and be subject to all policies and procedures pertaining to club sports, or be classified as a regular student organization. Student organizations that are not club sports are only eligible for SOLF funding.


  • Full-time student at Angelo State University
  • Must maintain a 2.25 cumulative GPA
  • Must be available to serve on Club Sports Council for two consecutive academic years
  • Prior experience with leadership development, program planning, and student organizations
  • Ability to strive in a high-paced, dynamic, office atmosphere
  • Applicant must be in good standing with the university


  • Review Club Sport Budget requests
  • Attend bi-monthly Club Sports Council Meetings (or as otherwise determined needed)
  • Serve as a resource to Club Sports regarding funding
  • Serve as a positive and professional student leader representative for the Center for Student Involvement

Club Sports Council Positions Available:

  • Chair (to be appointed after Club Sports Council is formed)
  • Representative (Five positions available)
  • No more than one representative for each club sport will serve on the Council
Club Sports Council members are required to have completed a minimum of 30 hours at ASU
If you have any questions about whether your organization is a club sport or not, please confirm with the Center for Student Involvement
You must provide the contact information for one current ASU faculty or staff member as a reference. References from undergraduate students and family members are not acceptable. Be sure your reference is familiar with your work ethic, dedication to projects, and your budgeting and finance experience. Please list the name, title, and active e-mail address for your reference below