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Rolling into Medical School

MacLeay playing senior volleyball season having already been accepted to medical school

Katie MacLeay came to Angelo State with a plan and has executed it with precision. A volleyball star from San Antonio, MacLeay is the epitome of a student-athlete as she stars on the court as a team captain for the Belles and excels in the classroom with a 4.0 GPA as a biology major.

While playing her senior season for the Belles, MacLeay is looking forward to 2016 because she earned early-admittance to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. She is the first Angelo State student to be accepted to the medical school early and accomplished that while also helping lead the Belles to three straight regional tournaments.

“The dedication for me to succeed in the classroom like I have has been crazy.”

Katie MacLeay

“The dedication for me to succeed in the classroom like I have has been crazy,” MacLeay said. “I have to make myself study on road trips, on the bus rides while my teammates are sleeping, and stay up late even though I know I have to wake up at 6 a.m. for workouts. It was definitely hard, but now that I have achieved my goal, it is so worth it.”

MacLeay credits the understanding of ASU head volleyball coach Chuck Waddington for helping her balance her rigorous academic load with the commitment of being a student-athlete. In turn, Waddington praises her dedication.

“While this would be an amazing achievement for a regular student at Angelo State, the fact that Katie is a student-athlete and accomplished this goal is truly amazing,” Waddington said. “It is a testament to not only how bright Katie is as a student, but how dedicated she is as a student-athlete. She is not just someone who has been on our team, she has been a major contributor to our success from her first day here. Absolutely remarkable. I am so proud of her.”

Dr. Shirley Eoff, ASU Honors Program director, also opened doors along the way. MacLeay said Eoff has accommodated her athletic schedule and made sure she could be academically successful and participate in the Honors Program.

“Dr. Eoff was a huge part of helping me get into the program at Tech, and I could not be more thankful,” MacLeay said.

While still deciding what area of medicine she wants to study, MacLeay is relieved just knowing she is already accepted into medical school and doesn’t have to face taking the mcat.

“It is so great to know where I will be and to have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders,” she said. 

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