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First Class of ASU Engineering Students

December 09, 2015

ASU’s inaugural class of engineering and pre-engineering majors numbered over 50 for the fall 2015 semester.

To distinguish themselves, the engineering majors designed and purchased official T-shirts that they where on special occasions, including the first bridge building contest in the University Center in December. The T-shirt features an ASU Civil Engineering logo on the front and a list of all the students on the back, along with department chair Dr. William Kitch and department staffers Andrea Robledo and Debbie Brown.

The first class of engineering students includes:

Ayodeji Adedokun, Jason Alaniz, Royce Albert, Javier Ayala, Timothy Bunla, Luke Burnett, Luke Byrns, Santana Casarez-Davis, Bailey Champlin, Elena Clark, Trevor Dailey, Michon Dunn, Noel Estrada, Kade Fannin, Shelby Freeman, Chris Galindo, Chris Gregg, Mike Gue, Mark Halfmann, Adam Hicks, Sara Jacobsen, John Jefferies, Andrew Killingsworth, Ty Lee and Jay Lee.

Also, Robert McLane, Caleb Miller, Marshall Miller, Luis Montoya, Jeromy Parrish, Yasmyn Richards, Deyton Riddle, Izia Rios, Bobby Schwab, Jadon Smith, Mark Smolka, Gaga Soedarsono, K. Stewart, Austin Villarreal, Charles Wenzel, Luke West, Kendell Wimberly, Daniel Cevallos, Valerie Davis, Taylor Escobar, Matthew Franco, Juan Martinez, Antonio Mireles and Zach Rehmer.

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