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September 28, 2016

Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to experience new places, gain knowledge on other cultures and complete university credit hours- all at the same time and for an affordable cost! The Center for International Studies offers students several different study abroad programs that can help them branch out and gain a more global perspective.

Why should you study abroad?

The opportunity to study abroad allows students to greatly enhance their understanding of international cultures and customs. We want every Angelo State University student to have the opportunity to branch out and gain a more global perspective.

Where can you go?

ASU offers summer programs, semester programs, and academic year programs designed for students in any major, and offers travel to 17 amazing countries located throughout Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. A few programs include trips to Austria, China, Italy, New Zealand, and South Korea, just to name a few.

The Center for International Studies will also offer 3 Korean Cultural Exchange programs in the summer of 2017. These are month-long programs that allow students to experience and learn about the culture, currency, history, and social and daily aspects of Korean life. ASU will partner with the University of Ulsan, Kyungnam University and Sookmyung Women’s University for these programs. The programs will follow the same guidelines and procedures of all other Study Abroad programs.

What does it cost?

Studying abroad is not only an educational investment, but a personal life investment as well. The knowledge gained and experiences shared by students in the program are simply priceless. There are a variety of financial opportunities to make studying abroad seemingly affordable. Every ASU student that participates in a studying abroad program receives a scholarship. The scholarship amounts vary depending on the number of students that will be participating in that program. All students pay ASU tuition for all study abroad programs. Undergraduate students pay full-time tuition on a per credit basis. In addition to ASU tuition & fees, students must also pay for living expenses such as housing and meals. Costs generally not covered in the program include international airfare, health insurance and passport/visa fees where applicable. Miscellaneous costs are the responsibility of each participant.

Student costs will vary by program, with the final amount determined early in the spring semester before the program’s departure. Approximate costs will be provided to students at the time of application. Students will be required to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit after being accepted into a program, usually payable prior to the end of the fall term preceding the program. The remainder of student costs will be split into two installments: $1,500 will be due on the first Monday of February with the second payment amount and due date to be determined by the individual programs.


The Study Abroad application deadline for the Spring 2017 programs is on October 15th.

The Study Abroad application deadline for the Summer 2017 programs is on November 21st.

There will be a Studying Abroad informational meeting on October 18th in the Rassman building.


Any students interested in studying abroad should visit the Study Abroad Website at or contact the Center for International studies at 325-942-2083 or via email at