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Dr. David Loyd Jr.

Outstanding Retired Faculty Member
When Dr. David Loyd Jr. left San Angelo for college in 1959, a teaching career at Angelo State was the furthest thing from his mind.

  • Dr. David Loyd Jr. lists his favorite pastimes as playing golf, traveling and seeing his grandchi...
    Dr. David Loyd Jr. lists his favorite pastimes as playing golf, traveling and seeing his grandchildren’s activities.

Dr. David Loyd Jr. in the 1970 Rambouillet.Dr. David Loyd Jr. in the 1970 Rambouillet.

“At that time, the campus was a junior college,” he said. “I was at the University of Texas for five years getting my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics, then at the University of Wisconsin for five years to finish my Ph.D. Angelo State had become a four-year school in ’65, but I hadn’t paid any attention.”

Hunting for his first job as a physics professor, Loyd attended the 1969 American Physical Society meeting in New York. Representatives there from ASU made him an offer, and his wife, Judy, encouraged him to take it.

“I probably wouldn’t have been interested,” he said, “but the job market was horrible. I interviewed with ASU and a whole bunch of other places. I had one other offer, from the smallest campus in Wisconsin.”

Despite his initial reluctance to return, Loyd joined with Dr. Ray Dawson and Dr. Varren Parker to build what was then the ASU Department of Physics from the ground up into a program with a national reputation for excellence. He also served as dean of the College of Sciences from 1996–2006.

In recognition of his exceptional ASU teaching career, Loyd has been named the ASU Alumni Association’s 2016 Outstanding Retired Faculty Member.

Previously recognized by the Alumni Association for Distinguished Faculty Achievement in 2007, Loyd was named a Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus upon his retirement in 2008 and has fond memories of his old department.

“When push comes to shove, the most important thing about your job is the people you work with. Angelo State has always had the best.”

Dr. Loyd