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Rams Ultimate Frisbee

January 06, 2017

This Fall, Rams Ultimate Frisbee became an official student organization. Just a few weeks ago, the team won the 2016 ASU Ultimate Frisbee intramural tournament! We talked to Rams Ultimate Frisbee President, Michael Abarca, to learn about what this new and exciting student organization is all about.
What is Ultimate Frisbee?
“Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, co-ed sport in which a team seeks to score points by passing a frisbee without dropping it or having interceptions until successfully catching the disc in the end zone. This is how points are scored.”
How did the team prepare to come together for this win?
“The Rams Ultimate Frisbee Student Organization practices every Sunday on the intramural fields. Outside of the weekly practices, the members on the team would practice passing the frisbee. This helped tremendously in preparing our team for the intramural tournament.” 
What is the best thing about being a part of the Rams Ultimate Frisbee team?
“The best part of being on the team has to be the community. It’s not just the Rams Ultimate Frisbee team but the organization as a whole. Everyone in the organization has become friends with one another and this has created a family-like atmosphere. Our Ultimate Frisbee practices are every Sunday at 4:00 on the intramural fields  and open to anyone to come play. We hope that you will come take this opportunity to be a part of our community.”