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2016 Faculty/Staff Service Awards Recipients

January 27, 2017

Nearly 90 Angelo State University faculty and staff members, including 12 with a quarter century or more employment with the university, were honored with Service Awards during ceremonies on Thursday, Jan. 26, in the Houston Harte University Center on the ASU campus.

<strong>Harvey Johnson</strong>Harvey JohnsonThe honorees were each presented with awards representing their years of service to the university. Receiving a 40-Year Service Award was Harvey D. Johnson, Mathematics. 

Receiving 35-Year Service Awards were Shirley M. Eoff, Honors Program; Adelina C. Morales, Office of the President; Sangeeta Singg, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work; and Candy M. Woodul, Accounts Payable. 

An award for 30 years of service went to Elaine M. Beach, Information Technology. 

Recipients of 25-Year Service Awards were Connie Brown, Accounts Payable; Vincent P. Osmanski, Nursing; Kathleen M. Price, Kinesiology; Dallas A. Swafford, Student Disability Services; Sharynn Tomlin, College of Business; and Angelina W. Wright, Finance and Administration. 

The 20-Year Service Awards went to James N. Forbes, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work; Maurice G. Fortin, Library; Douglas W. Fox, Information Technology; Ernest C. Guevara, Facilities Management; Mark A. Hirt, Information Technology; Linda A. Kornasky, English and Modern Languages; Donna L. Rathbone, Mail Services (retired); and Sharon F. Weber, Library. 

Recipients of 15-Year Service Awards were Margaret C. Alexander, Library; Loren K. Ammerman, Biology; Dionne T. Bailey, Mathematics; Shonda L. Brooks, Payroll Services; Karen Cody, English and Modern Languages; Mark B. Crouch, Computer Science; Brandy L. Hawkins, Office of Accountability; Janet L. Maxwell, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Adam C. Mirike, Facilities Management; Lee E. Morris, Facilities Management; Michelle A. Norris, Scholarship Programs; Jeffrey L. Riels, Information Technology; Micheal W. Salisbury, Agriculture; Jana T. Sparks, College of Graduate Studies and Research; Jennifer A. Stephens, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Jolene M. Varela, Facilities Management; and Antonella S. Ward, Library. 

The 10-Year Service Awards were presented to Elva Aguilar, International Studies; Jason S. Brown, College of Business; Doyle D. Carter, Community Engagement; Bruce H. Flage, Materials Management; Thomas G. Nurre Jr., Communications and Marketing; Vara O’Neal, Facilities Planning and Construction; Judy G. Polunsky, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management; Ronald G. Pumphrey, History; Peggy H. Rosser, Small Business Development Center; Gregory D. Schkade, Facilities Management; Ronnie L. Scott, English and Modern Languages; Raymond T. Simmons, Facilities Management; Shannon L. Sturm, West Texas Collection; Candice B. Upton, Carr Foundation; Christina M. Whetsel, Athletics; James J. Womack, Visual and Performing Arts; and Meagan D. Word, College of Education. 

Recipients of Five-Year Service Awards were Felicia Armstrong, Nursing; Gary A. Baker, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Walter M. Baranowski, Nursing; Jessica Behringer, Admissions; Stacy D. Bryan, Admissions; Ella K. Burnett, Teacher Education; Michael J. Burnett, Visual and Performing Arts; Michael S. Burt, Biology; Anthony N. Celso, Security Studies and Criminal Justice; Douglas D. Craddick, Facilities Maintenance; Jeffrey D. Dailey, Security Studies and Criminal Justice; Brook R. Dickison, Curriculum and Instruction; James W. Dickison, Agriculture; Ervin L. Halfmann, Print Shop; Dinah J. Harriger, Nursing; Tara M. Hart, Admissions; Janice M. Hock, Library; Brandon S. Ireton, Athletic Communications; and James Leavelle, Small Business Development Center. 

Also receiving Five-Year Service Awards were Melissa R. McDowell, Nursing; Gabrielle V. Miller, Communications and Marketing; Nicholas J. Negovetich, Biology; Kevin L. Owens, Housing and Residential Programs; Sandra K. Pate, Management and Marketing; Robert M. Pullin, Security Studies and Criminal Justice; Elizabeth N. Randell, Sponsored Projects; Justice Salgado, Archer College of Health and Human Services; Kelsey R. Samsel, College of Business; Rebecca A. Schkade, Information Technology; Erika L. Scobel, Human Resources; William A. Taylor, Security Studies and Criminal Justice; William W. Wagner, Athletics; Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai, History; and Manuel F. Zamora, Security Studies and Criminal Justice.