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Chartwells Diversity & Inclusion Week

February 02, 2017

This year, from February 6th through 10th, Chartwells will be hosting a Diversity & Inclusion week. This specific week is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace environment as well as educating our clients, customers and associates on the ease of acting inclusively. The theme of the week “Be You”, encourages associates and students to take personal responsibility and ownership, recognizing our individual abilities to create positive change. Understanding, kindness, unity and encouragement are characteristics of inclusion that can be easily implemented each day.  Together they also create an environment that allows for innovation. Join us as we celebrate each day of the week with a different aspect of the inclusive culture.

Monday, Feb. 6th: Be Understanding

How does being included make you feel? Tell us by stopping by The Caf and writing it on our poster board. Everyone who participates on our board will receive a coupon.

Tuesday, Feb. 7th: Be Encouraging

Want to spread encouragement? Stop by The Caf to write words of encouragement on our encouragement broad. Everyone who participates on our board will receive a coupon.

Wednesday, Feb. 8th: Be Kind

Help us spread kindness today. Post on social media how you helped spread random acts of kindness and hashtag #BeKindRAC.

Thursday, Feb. 9th: Be Unified

Reach out friends and other students about how you can help and support their efforts. Post them on social media to share with how you became unified with the hashtag #BeUnified.

Friday, Feb. 10th: Be Innovative

Inclusion = Innovation Stop by the Caf to share your innovating ideas on our Innovation board and to encourage the ideas of others with a positive attitude.