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Let’s Talk Title IX

February 03, 2017

So much about the college experience is new for both students and parents.  College-bound students have the opportunity to explore newfound freedoms and the responsibilities attached to those freedoms. These freedoms often confront students with decisions about alcohol use and how to navigate relationships as a young adult. To help students manage this newfound freedom we have implemented a comprehensive training program to help our students make safe decisions related to alcohol use and relationships, including preventing sexual assault. 


While many students at ASU refrain from using drugs or alcohol, some students consume alcohol responsibly, while others make poor decisions and misuse alcohol or drugs.  Sexual assault is another issue which statistics show affects college campuses nationwide.  ASU is dedicated to maintaining our safe and healthy campus and in doing so we offer multiple prevention programs for students.


One way in which we address these issues is through mandatory training courses, AlcoholEDU® and Haven®, required for all incoming students. Please do not forget that your student must complete Part I of the two part mandatory Title IX training, by February 13th. These innovative and interactive trainings will teach your student about the interconnected issues of hooking up, substance abuse, sexual misconduct, and how to be an effective bystander in a college setting.  


Part I of these two part trainings becomes available on January 17th and must be completed by February 13th. Your student will receive e-mails and phone calls reminding them to complete these mandatory trainings.  Your student will also be notified via e-mail and phone when Part II of these two part trainings becomes available. For more information visit the Office of Title IX Compliance’s website at: or call (325) 942-2047.