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June Model Ram - Bekah Coleman

May 31, 2017

Name:  Bekah Coleman


Please give us a little bit of your background, your hobbies, what you like to do you in your spare time, etc. 

I am an 8th generation Texan and a third generation local educator. I am a new mother to a beautiful baby girl, Lucille.

What is your current occupation?

I am the Curator of Education at The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.

While at ASU were you involved in any organizations or teams and what was your role?

While at ASU I was a member of Kappa Pi Art Fraternity. 

In what ways did ASU help you to achieve your goals after graduation?  

ASU helped me achieve my goals after graduation by becoming partners on multiple programs through the museum. The amazing leadership of Dr. May brought new ideas on how to instigate a relationship with ASU students and Downtown Angelo. By hosting events and partnering with ASU organizations the museum became a catalyst for introducing and entertaining students in downtown San Angelo.

What skills did you take away from ASU?

I learned many things from ASU including public speaking from my senior Studio Art Presentation.

Were there any faculty or staff that made a difference for you during your time at ASU? 

Many of the art professors from ASU I have known personally for several years. Steve Apodaca, ASU’s Ceramic professor, has known me since I was in pre-school at ASU. During the 1980’s ASU had a pre-school and Professor Apodaca made ceramic handprints for all the pre-school students. He misspelled my name and I made sure that when I started taking his classes in college that he remembered how to spell my name. I now work with Professor Apodaca and other ASU faculty on professional levels.

What is one of your fondest memories of ASU?

Fall as ASU is the best. Football season and school pride go hand in hand.

Can you please provide a quote about your experience at ASU/what ASU means to you?

I think one of the most important aspects of Angelo State University is that includes heritage. Not only did I graduate from ASU, but both my parents graduated from ASU. And if you go back a little further, my Grandmother graduated from ASU when it was a junior college back in the 1930’s. That is three generations of Coleman’s and three generations of educator’s brought to you by Angelo State University. We are very proud of that.