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July Model Ram - Megan Cordes

July 03, 2017

Name: Megan Cordes

Please give us a little bit of your background, your hobbies, what you like to do you in your spare time.

I grew up in Menard, TX and attended ASU for not only my bachelors, but my master’s degree as well. From there I went on to get my Doctorate at Temple University and attended TWU for post graduate studies in women’s health. I enjoy kayaking, working in the garden and playing roller derby.

What is your current occupation? 

I am a physical therapist working at West Texas Rehab Center.  I am a board certified women’s health therapist; as well as certified in dry needling, lymphedema, and aquatics.

While at ASU were you involved in any organizations or teams and what was your role?

While in undergrad I served as the captain of the forensics team. I was also a member of Tri Beta.  As a PT student, I joined the APTA.

In what ways did ASU help you to achieve your goals after graduation?

I initially graduated from ASU with a BA in communications which allowed me to progress into physical therapy with ease.  Following graduation, services at ASU were available to assist me with preparing a resume tailored specifically for this application process. Several of my undergrad professors were willing to write me letters of recommendations as well assisting me into getting into PT school. While in PT school, I was placed at WTRC for a clinical rotation and would later return there for employment.

What skills did you take away from ASU?

ASU helped mold and shape me into the professional that I am today. My professors assisted in pushing me to have a life long desire to learn. I not only learned the fundamentals of communication and physical therapy, but I also learned how to further this knowledge and give back to the community.

Were there any faculty or staff that made a difference for you during your time at ASU?

In undergrad Dr. Wilke and Dr. Marsh really pushed me to learn and made it fun. In PT school, all of the professors were very encouraging and went to extra mile to ensure my success; however Dr. Mason spent extra time with me helping me to understand concepts I had a difficult time with. 

What is one of your fondest memories of ASU?

I was the class speaker at our PT graduation awards ceremony and was able to address the class with fun anecdotes from our time together at ASU.

Can you please provide a quote about your experience at ASU/what ASU means to you?

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” - Jimmy Johnson

I feel like I got that “little extra” at ASU that polished me into who I am today.

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