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Remnant Trust Rare Book Exhibit

August 28, 2017

ASU’s Porter Henderson Library presents a public exhibit of rare books from The Remnant Trust, Aug. 28-Nov. 17.

The exhibit will be open from 10am - 7pm Monday -  Thursday and 10am - 5pm on Friday in the Eva Camuñez Tucker Center on the second floor of the Houston Harte University Center, 1910 Rosemont Drive.

Included in the exhibit will be 43 titles in 45-50 volumes from The Remnant Trust’s extensive collection of rare books, first editions and other early publications. Viewers are encouraged to touch, feel and read the original manuscripts, including many first English translations. 

Titles to be displayed at ASU were chosen by ASU faculty and Porter Henderson Library staff. The exhibit will feature books and manuscripts dating back as far as the 13th century and written by several of the Founding Fathers, as well as renowned philosophers, entrepreneurs, explorers, social activists, authors, poets and scientists, including: 

  • Confucius, Friedrich Nietzsche and Thomas Aquinas
  • Aristotle, Nicolai Copernicus and Galileo
  • Hippocrates, Euclid and Sir Isaac Newton
  • John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln
  • Thomas Paine, Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony
  • Homer, Voltaire and Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Davy Crockett, Sir Walter Raleigh and Machiavelli
  • Karl Marx, Andrew Carnegie, Adam Smith and many others 

In addition to the regular exhibit hours, special viewings and reservations for groups, particularly for groups of 30 or more, can be scheduled by contacting the ASU Library Director’s Office at 325-942-2222. Reservations will be confirmed via email.

Remnant Trust Book List

In celebration of the Porter Henderson Library building's 50th Anniversary.In celebration of the Porter Henderson Library building's 50th Anniversary.

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