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September 21, 2017

What is RamsPLUS?

RamsPLUS is a safe space on campus for the people curious about the LGBT+ community, those within the LGBT+ community and those who are allies of the community as well. Weekly meetings in Plaza Verde Clubhouse where students learn about each other, and hold discussions on important topics, usually having to deal in some way with current events or with LGBT+ communities as a whole. RamsPlus gathers for small socials and show documentaries periodically.


Some of the other student organizations that like to collaborate with us on events and fundraisers are the Gender Studies department, UCPC, and Kappa Pi. Our largest collaboration by far is the annual Drag Rave during pride week in the spring. 


The events that we hold are usually small parties on Halloween and Valentine’s Day, our larger events include fundraisers and of course Pride Week!

Parent Involvement

We do not have a lot of parents involved with our group currently, but we would love to have parents support their children in our organization and our community.

Outreach/Community Service

Last year we facilitated a clothing drive for transgender youths. We were able to donate eight 13-gallon trash bags full of clothing to a LGBT+ friendly second hand store.