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Student Research Worker (3 undergraduate)

Employer: ASU DLH Department of Engineering
Posted: October 25, 2017


Work closely with Drs. Bolhari and Castaneda in the DLH Department of Engineering on a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research project. Twelve families/households in the San Angelo community will work closely with the research team to design, construct, operate, test, and report the usage of acrylic concrete containers used for rainwater harvesting in each family’s household. By its nature, this research project is highly interdisciplinary involving construction engineering, materials engineering, water quality engineering, water resources engineering, and qualitative research with human subjects.

Student workers who can multitask, follow instruction, communicate clearly in writing and oral speech, speak/read/write English and Spanish, are mature, and adhere to Federal Regulations regarding human subject research (after appropriate training) are highly desirable. 

Students who serve in this position must:

• Have been a full time student at ASU in the Fall 2017 semester and intend to register for Spring 2018

• Be in good standing with their academic department, residential housing, and the office of student affairs.

• Must be in good physical health in order to lift heavy, bulky items and walk short distances.

• Be punctual and reliable to meeting times.

• Must be self-motivated and have strong leadership, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

• Engineering and non-engineering majors are encouraged to apply.

Duties Students are responsible for various tasks, including:

• Meet with Drs. Bolhari and Castaneda during regularly scheduled research meetings.

• Conduct field site visits to specific schools, churches, and organizations with forms for volunteer sign-ups (English and Spanish).

• Assist Drs. Bolhari and Castaneda in the environmental engineering lab and materials lab in order to support the research project.

• Conduct some material and/or environmental engineering laboratory testing after appropriate training from either Dr. Bolhari or Castaneda.

• Assemble and dismantle lab activities and scenarios, clean supplies and equipment, and distribute supplies associated with lab work and workshops with families. DLH Department of Engineering Undergraduate Research Opportunity

• Assist Drs. Bolhari and Castaneda with audio and video equipment during human subject interviews.

• Conduct and assist Drs. Bolhari and Castaneda with field site visits to participant homes.

• Transcribe audio and video (English and Spanish) into writing (English and Spanish).


Two students will be hired in Fall 2017 and will be expected to continue on the project until the end of Summer 2018. The third student will start in Spring 2018 and continue until the end of Summer 2018.

During the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters, 10 hours maximum per week (for 32 total weeks). During the Summer 2018 semester, 20 hours maximum per week (for 8 total weeks).


 $10.00-$12.00hr depending on qualification


Send a 1-page letter expressing your interest in the position, why this position interests you, and a 1-page resume to Questions about the position can be addressed to Drs. Bolhari and/or Castaneda (
Screening of applicants will begin immediately until the positions are filled.

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