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Jim Boles

Golden Ex of the Year
Jim Boles credits God, family and friends for both his successful business career and his community spirit.
  • Jim Boles, class of 1967, next to the brick monument which marks the spot of the Cow Palace, the ...
    Jim Boles, class of 1967, next to the brick monument which marks the spot of the Cow Palace, the original gymnasium where he played.

Born into a ranching/farming family in East Texas, Boles said he was blessed with great parents who motivated him and instilled a sense of discipline and work ethic. Their lessons were nurtured by his teachers and coaches and then brought to fruition when he came to Angelo State College in 1965 to play basketball for the legendary Phil George.

“Coach George and I talked about a lot of things other than basketball,” Boles said. “A lot of discipline comes through playing ball, and Coach George helped you with how you take that into your real life after basketball, as well as the kind of person you want to be and what you should strive for.”

Now the owner and president of Summit Commercial Industrial Properties Inc. in Round Rock, Boles deals in properties for various commercial and residential developments. He is also a fixture in the community with multiple organizations, including the United Way, Salvation Army, Chamber of Commerce, Greater Round Rock Community Foundation and YMCA. He has been called the “father of economic development” for Round Rock, and the YMCA has named a park after him.

I never do anything expecting something back.

Jim Boles

“I never do anything expecting something back,” Boles said. “But it seems like the more I have given, the more it has come back to me. I also believe there is no quality of life without a job. So I’ve always been very sensitive to trying to provide as many opportunities for people as I could through economic development.”

For his career success and dedication to his community, the ASU Alumni Association has named Boles the 2017 Golden Ex of the Year.

“I never expect anything,” Boles said, “so it was one of those ‘wow’ moments and I’m very humbled by it. I have a lot of respect for this school, so I was very flattered. Plus, the older you get, the more you appreciate things like this.”