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Dr. Cody Scott

Distinguished Faculty Achievement
Dr. Cody Scott knows ASU’s Management, Instruction and Research (MIR) Center like the back of his hand.

Dr. Cody Scott, Classes of 1990 & 1992Dr. Cody Scott, Classes of 1990 & 1992

Through teaching range and wildlife courses, mentoring student research projects and conducting his own grant-funded research, Scott has investigated and managed virtually every outdoor aspect of the 6,000-acre MIR Center, commonly called the ASU Ranch. All of his efforts are geared toward providing students the knowledge and skills needed for productive careers after graduation.

“When I first came to ASU, probably 60 percent of our ag students had a farm and ranch background,” Scott said. “That is not the case anymore as probably at least that many students don’t have that background. So having the ASU Ranch where students can gain real-world experience really separates our graduates from those at other institutions.”

“The fact that we can mesh classroom teaching and hands-on research activities together,” he added, “that really makes the graduates of our programs unique.”

As a result of Scott’s approach to teaching and research, 68 former students are now employed by the Natural Resource Conservation Service. His own research has resulted in numerous publications and presentations at scientific meetings, and he recently completed a term as president of the Texas Section Society for Range Management. He also manages public deer hunts at the ASU Ranch that generate revenue for ranch improvements.

The fact that we can mesh classroom teaching and hands-on research activities together, that really makes the graduates of our programs unique.

Dr. Cody Scott

Recognizing his dedication to his students, outstanding service at the ASU Ranch and research contributions to agricultural science, the ASU Alumni Association has selected Scott for the 2017 Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.

“My interpretation of the award is that it is not focused on just the research or just the teaching,” Scott said. “It’s focused on your collective effort, and that’s a great feeling. To get this award for accomplishments during my career at ASU, it’s a great honor.”