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December Pride of ASU- Brenna Hudson

November 21, 2017

Name: Brenna Hudson 

Major: Exercise Science

Minors: Biology and Psychology

Classification: Senior

Graduation: May 2018

Hometown: Pflugerville, Tx


How did you learn about ASU?

Both of my parents are ASU alumni, so I heard a lot about the school as I was growing up and we visited quite a few times. My parents had a lot of great stories from going to school here, made many long lasting friendships, and ASU is where they met and fell in love.                            

Why did you want to attend ASU?

The biggest reason that I decided to come to ASU is the small school environment. I love that I know my professors, I know the other students, and I don’t feel like I am walking through a crowd of strangers every time I go to class. On top of that, I was accepted in to the Honors Program here at ASU which has given me tremendous opportunities far beyond what I ever expected. I do not know where I would be without ASU or the Honors Program.


What is your favorite thing about ASU?

My favorite thing about ASU is the academic, but friendly, atmosphere. It is great to be at a school that truly cares about the success of the students. It’s also nice to be at a school that has a lot of spirit without putting too much emphasis on college athletics. Athletics are very important, but college should be about learning and building skills that will make students productive members of whatever field they are pursuing. I believe that ASU has really hit the balance between the two very well.


What are some of your hobbies?

I was an Angelette for the first 3 years of my college career, and I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. Even though I had to quite this year to focus on graduating, PT school applications, and graduate school interviews, I still dance regularly. I don’t think that I could ever truly quit dancing, it has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I enjoy being outside, and I love to walk and bike on the river walk. I also consider myself a bit of a movie buff. I have an ever expanding movie collection, along with a Netflix account.


Are you involved in any student organizations?

I am an Honors Program student, and I am a member of the Honors Student Association. I am President of Alpha Chi Honors Society as well as the Angelo Campus Lions Club. I am also the Treasurer of Kappa Mu Omega, the kinesiology majors’ organization. I am a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honors society.


Do you work on campus? If so, where and what are your responsibilities?

I am a student mentor in the Honors Program. I am responsible for a group of 7 Honors Program freshman. I help them get adjusted to college life and the Honors Program by checking up on their wellbeing, making sure they feel like they are succeeding in their classes, giving them academic advice and help if I can, making sure they complete all of their Honors Program requirements so that they stay in good standing, getting them involved in the program and on campus, and, most importantly, being someone who they can come to at any time, even just to talk. I am also responsible for recruitment and talking to perspective Honors Program students.


What is one piece of advice you would give to help college students succeed?

The biggest piece of advice that I could give to any college student is this: Find the method of studying that works best for you. Before I came to college, and frankly even up till today, I have had people telling me how to study. I found that many of those methods just do not work for me. Through some trial and error I found what works for me, and it has made me a very successful student. Some of those tips and tricks you get may be helpful, but make sure it is what works best for you individually.

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