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2017 Faculty/Staff Service Awards Recipients

February 02, 2018

More than 90 Angelo State University faculty and staff members, including 11 with a quarter century or more employment with the university, were honored with Service Awards during ceremonies on Thursday, Feb. 1, in the Houston Harte University Center on the ASU campus.

John VinklarekJohn VinklarekThe honorees were each presented with awards representing their years of service to the university. Receiving a 40-Year Service Award was John G. Vinklarek, Visual and Performing Arts. 

Receiving a 35-Year Service Award was María de los Santos Onofre-Madrid, English and Modern Languages. 

Awards for 30 years of service went to Bonnie B. Amos, Biology; Martha C. Hicks, Housing and Residential Programs; Randolph D. Hicks, Security Studies and Criminal Justice; Charlotte L. Johnson, Chemistry and Biochemistry; and Norman A. Sunderman, Accounting, Economics and Finance. 

Recipients of 25-Year Service Awards were Henry H. Begil, Print Shop; Jeane M. Irby, Information Technology; Elisabeth C. Muelsch, English and Modern Languages; and David L. O’Dell, English and Modern Languages. 

The 20-Year Service Awards went to Purnell J. Curtis, Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Security Studies; Susan E. Keith, College of Graduate Studies and Research; Galdino L. Peña, Facilities Management; David C. Rosipal, Special Events Facilities/Services; Jeffrey B. Schonberg, English and Modern Languages; Cynthia D. Spraggins, English and Modern Languages; and John M. Wegner, Freshman College. 

Recipients of 15-Year Service Awards were James E. Adams, University Police; Teresa K. Adams, Information Technology; Christie L. Adkins, Biology; Charles C. Allen, Physics and Geosciences; Annette E. Dixon, Agriculture; Julie D. Gates, English and Modern Languages; John Glassford, Political Science and Philosophy; Jamal G. Husein, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Diana L. Johnston, Accounts Payable; Sherry A. Miller, Kinesiology; Veronica G. Ramos, Library; Randall R. Roeder, Facilities Management; Charles M. Sebesta, Facilities Management; and Christopher E. Steele, Information Technology. 

The 10-Year Service Awards were presented to Mary B. Adkins, Kinesiology; Loree A. Branham, Agriculture; Cynthia R. Burkhalter, English and Modern Languages; Julia D. Chandler, Information Technology; Leonor P. Constancio, Communications and Marketing; Kent G. Corder, Information Technology; David P. Dewar, History; Nicole M. Dilts, English and Modern Languages; Mary E. Escobar, Financial Aid; John E. Klingemann, History; Paula C. Koca, Mathematics; Monica Koenigsberg, Security Studies and Criminal Justice; Kimberly K. Livengood, Curriculum and Instruction; Eddie S. Rodriguez, University Police; Anne B. San Miguel, Archer College of Health and Human Services; Gabriela I. Serrano, English and Modern Languages; Wendy Sklenarik, College of Education; Lorina G. Soza, Housing and Residential Programs; Justina D. Stark, Finance and Administration; Philip E. Storm, Facilities Management; James A. Summerlin, Curriculum and Instruction; Jonathan A. Wilcox, Information Technology; and Maria D. Wilson, University Police. 

Recipients of Five-Year Service Awards were Tia L. Agan, Curriculum and Instruction; John O. Anderson, Athletics; Ashley D. Baccus, Communication and Mass Media; Erika A. Baeza, Multicultural and Student Activities Programs; Autumn L. Barnes, Library; Benjamin J. Borom, Registrar’s Office; Raymond D. Bradshaw, Facilities Management; Connie T. Carter, Library; Whitni S. Cary, Contracting Office; Jody L. Casares, Biology; Kelly K. Clifton, Carr Foundation; Edwin J. Cuenco, Visual and Performing Arts; Dayna C. Dugger, Library; Linda Elizondo, Center for International Studies; Javier Flores, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management; Angelita Fraga, Office of Admissions; Amanda R. Gibson, Nursing; Matthew J. Gritter, Political Science and Philosophy; Nolan M. Guess, Facilities Management; Tiffany J. Hinkley, Office of Admissions; and Austin B. Hobbs, Office of Accountability. 

Also receiving Five-Year Service Awards were Han-Hung Huang, Physical Therapy; Steven W. King, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Christine M. Lamberson, History; Heather L. Lehto, Physics and Geosciences; Kailee S. Malleck, Special Events Facilities/Services; Vincent P. Mangano, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Rex T. Moody, Management and Marketing; Kendra L. Nicks, Physical Therapy; Sammy M. Prieto, University Police; Berkeley M. Puckitt, Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health; Lopamudra Roychoudhuri, Computer Science; Manuel V. San Miguel, Archer College of Health and Human Services; Katherine A. Thoreson, Visual and Performing Arts; James F. Villers, Physical Therapy; Kristie D. Walton, Counseling Services; Deanna J. Watts, Political Science and Philosophy; Carrie L. Whitesell, Controller’s Office; Courtney B. Wilson, Registrar’s Office; and William J. Wolfe, Computer Science.

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