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Employer: Private Family
Posted: March 05, 2018


We are in need of a nanny/housekeeper for our 2.5-year old and 5 year old kids. My husband and I work from home, and we need someone to watch the kids and clean while we’re working. To be honest, we have high standards. I’m not looking for a babysitter to sit back and watch my kids play, or turn on the TV for them while you’re browsing the web on your phone. I need someone who has a lot of energy and patience, and actively engages with my children EVERYDAY. Come to work prepared with an activity to do with them daily. I need someone who will help my 2.5-year old master his ABC’s, help him trace letters/shapes/numbers, play outside and run around with him, read with him, sing songs and help him build Legos. I need someone to help my 5-year old master walking, sing to him, read to him, make them laugh, let them play outside.

This is in addition to feeding them (breakfast & lunch & dinner as needed), putting them down for naps, cleaning up after them, changing their diapers.

There is housework as well - putting away clean dishes, washing dishes and putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning up the kitchen, cleaning up after the kids, folding laundry. We will not ask you to clean the bathrooms or our bedrooms - just mainly the kitchen and the living areas.

I need someone who will own the hours they are working with minimal help from me. And very important - MUST BE RELIABLE. Show up on time everyday without calling in sick (unless it is a true emergency). 

FYI - we have two bunnies.

We do background checks and check references.


Mon-Sunday afternoons or mornings.