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2017-18 Faculty Excellence Awards Nominees

April 26, 2018

Outstanding Angelo State University faculty members will be honored during the ninth annual Faculty Recognition Dinner at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 3, in the Houston Harte University Center, 1910 Rosemont Drive.

Dr. Brian J. MayDr. Brian J. MayDuring the dinner, ASU President Brian J. May will present the 2017-18 President’s Awards for Faculty Excellence in the categories of Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Research/Creative Endeavor and Excellence in Leadership/Service. 

The 31 faculty nominees will be recognized with certificates. Semifinalists in each category will receive a $500 award. The overall winner in each category will receive $2,500 and a Signature Presidential Recognition Award. The overall winners in the Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Research/Creative Endeavor categories will be ASU’s nominees for the Texas Tech University System Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Research. 

This year’s nominees in the Excellence in Teaching category are Tia L. Agan, assistant professor of education; Leah D. Carruth, assistant professor of teacher education; Shirley M. Eoff, professor of history; Laurel E. Fohn, assistant professor of biology; Vincent P. Mangano, senior instructor in accounting; Ellen C. Melton, online instructor in psychology; Sandra K. Pate, associate professor of management; Jeffrey B. Schonberg, professor of English; Raelye N. Self, assistant professor of education; and Andrew B. Wallace, professor of physics. 

Nominated for the Excellence in Research/Creative Endeavor Award are Anthony N. Celso, professor of security studies; Jon C. Ellery, professor of English; Matthew J. Gritter, assistant professor of political science; Jamal G. Husein, professor of economics; Brian W. Kulik, associate professor of management; Robert K. Michael, assistant professor of nursing; Amy L. Murphy, assistant professor of education; Joseph I. Satterfield, professor of geology; Olalekan K. Seriki, assistant professor of marketing; Ben R. Skipper, assistant professor of biology; and Sonja Varbelow, assistant professor of teacher education. 

Nominees in the Excellence in Leadership/Service category are Michael J. Burnett, associate professor of theatre; Lesley L. Casarez, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction; Karen Cody, professor of French and Spanish; Gustavo M. Campos, instructor in political science; Ralph Randall Hall, professor of art; John E. Irish, professor of music; Kristi L. Moore, associate professor of psychology; Christine L. Purkiss, associate professor of teacher education; Gayle L. Randall, senior instructor in management and marketing; and William A. Taylor, associate professor of security studies. 

The purpose of the President’s Awards for Faculty Excellence is to recognize outstanding faculty nominated by their faculty peers for excellence in the three major areas of faculty performance. The awards are presented annually toward the end of each spring semester. All faculty members who have completed at least one full academic year at ASU with satisfactory evaluation are eligible for nomination.

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