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First Gen Rams – Here to Help First Generation College Students at ASU

August 23, 2018

With the fall 2019 semester now underway, there is still a lot to learn and probably a lot of questions as well. Here at Angelo State University (ASU) we have a program dedicated to supporting first-generation college students. We define a First-Generation college student as one where neither parent nor guardian has graduated from a 4-year university. Does your student fall into that category? If so, I am happy to help. My name is Haley Losoya, and I am the program coordinator for the First-Generation Rams program here at ASU. I myself am first-gen and helping students transition into college and graduate is not only my job but a passion of mine.

Coming to college from high school can be a huge culture shock. More than likely mom or dad, grandma, aunt, etc. are not in the same town, class schedules are completely different, and living in a residence hall is a new experience. Just a few short months ago your student was used to high school routine, but now they have the power to choose where they dedicate their time. To go to class or not? That MIGHT be the question. The answer is easy: going to class every single day and not missing class is the number one tip I tell all new college students.

The First Gen Rams program motto is, “Educate. Mentor. Graduate”. My goal is to make sure each student keeps their education as their main focus while attending ASU. Students are here to get an education and the First Gen Rams program can assist. The program can provide a student mentor if that is something they are wanting. If students do not want a student mentor, they do not have to have one and can meet with me for one-on-one sessions to discuss their transition to ASU, concerns about their classes, and any other questions they may have. The ultimate goal is graduation, and I want to help each student stay on that path.

If your student is interested in this program they can sign up today by visiting the webpage I look forward to working with your first gen student as well and helping them stay on the path to graduation

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Haley Losoya, M.Ed.




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