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Summer 2018 Ram-Fam Acknowledgements

August 31, 2018

Members of the Parent & Family Association whom became our newly formed Family Liaisons
Special RamFam Thank you to all of the ASU Alumni and members of the Parent & Family Association that bridged the gaps for our new incoming students and families!
Ram Family Connection would not have been able to do this without the amazing people and we are immeasurably grateful:

New Student Orientation (NSO)

  • Glenn & Jenice Benningfield, Parent, Family Association members & Family Liaisons

SUMMER SEND-OFF 2ND YEAR was a success! Thank you to all of the families and students that attend, and to the schools that host our events.

Houston Summer Send-off 8/4/2018

  • ASU Alumna Beth Agho-Otoghile
  • ASU Alumnus Mason
  • YES Prep Gulfton - The Force: Michael A. Perez

San Antonio Summer Send-off 8/11/2018

  • Alumni Vincent and Amanda Perez and 3-month-old son Jordan
  • KIPP Through College:Ruben Rodriguez, Director- KIPP Through College and Stephanie Gonzalez, M. Ed,College Alumni Counselor

Arlington Summer Send-off 8/18/2018

  • ASU Alumni Anthony and DJ Roberson
  • ASU Alumna Monique Robertson
  • ASU Alumna Emily Banda
  • ASU Alumna Amanda Ritchie and husband
  • ASU Alumnus Kurt Phillips for hosting the RFC crew overnight with an evening of food, music and swimming at he’s lovely home. Mr. Phillips was also in attendance for the summer send-off!
  • Jorge and Guadalupe Pimentel, Members of the Parent, Family Association & Family Liaisons whom participated the summer send-off  and also for welcoming the RFC crew into their home for a delicious home cooked meal after the event.