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Question: Is there an Early Alert System at Angelo State University?

September 07, 2018

Parents may be wondering if Angelo State faculty can send out an alert when a student starts to struggle in the classroom. The answer is a resounding YES.  Every fall and spring, the Early Alert Coordinator in the Freshman College asks faculty to identify any student who might be exhibiting risky academic behavior. At ASU, the early alert is defined as a formal proactive feedback system through which students and student support agents are alerted to behaviors for not being successful due to:

  • 4+ unexcused absences
  • Failed/missed exam
  • Needs to meet with the professor
  • Recommend tutoring/SI(supplemental instruction)
  • Drop the course
  • Needs course material

The faculty who participate in the campaign initiated by the early alert coordinator send an email to the student and their advisor so that we can proactively intervene and help the student.  The advisors reach out to the student with information about resources on campus or online that will help the student improve his or her performance. If the advisor is unable to reach the student, the early alert coordinator will use a more intrusive approach to locate the student and provide the necessary academic or non-academic help they need.

There are three key components to the early alert process parents should know:

  1. Alerts-send red flags about troubled behaviors.
  2. Intervention is done as soon as possible to help the student find the help needed.
  3. Alerts are dependent on faculty participation in the process.

ASU encourages parents to touch base with your student and encourage them to seek out the resources available on campus. They can go to office hours given to them by the faculty, visit the Writing Center, Math Lab, Tutoring Center, log in to Upswing (24/7 online tutoring), and check with their advisor.  Angelo State University wants your student to be successful, and we will go the extra mile to assist in making their academic journey a success.

  • Early Alert for At Risk
    Early Alert for At Risk

Early Alert Programs is under the umbrella of the Freshman College and ASU is committed to providing a personal education for each of our students, and the Early Alert Program is a key part of this goal.

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