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A Social Work student’s practice of self-awareness

October 16, 2018

Developing  the capacity to reflect and develop awareness of their own attitudes and values is seen as important elements of the Social Work program. This is the first time parents of Social Work Field Student, Erica Mejia, parents  Elena Mejia and Agustin Mejia have never picked up a guide provided by the Ram Family Connection (RFC). They were amazed at the content within the guide and that the guide was conveniently in Spanish. Continue below to read their feedback:

  1. Did you find the Ram Family Connection Guide helpful?

“I found the guide book to be very helpful. I regret not reading this book before my daughter went to college. I feel that we, as parents, could have been more of help in her transition to college. However, since we did not attend college, we did not believe that we could be of much use.” - Elena Mejia

I found the guide book to be of great benefit! I was not prepared financially to help my daughter, and was not aware of all the financial aid that was available! I am just very glad she researched that on her own, but I wish I could of been more helpful to her during her transition and alleviate some of the stress she was encountering.” - Agustin Mejia

  1. What information did you find most important or that impacted you personally?

“I felt that everything was important, for students and parents. However, what stood out to me the most was the section “FIRST-YEAR TIPS FOR PARENTS”. When our daughter was preparing herself to go to college, we did not establish expectations nor made a financial plan. We did not discuss with her that if she ever had problems that we would help her resolve them. We also did not discuss that even though she is growing up, that she could still come to us and feel secure. We just assumed that she knew and kept that in mind. One big tip that made me realize that I can be a little selfish. We as parents must understand that our student does not have to be present in order to stay connected. As a momma, I always want my student to come home on free weekends, celebration events, and holidays… but she needs time to herself and these may be the only time she gets to herself. She should not feel forced to come home, she should decide that on her own.” - Elena Mejia

“I would like to add on to what your mother said a little bit. It is important to ask your student how they are doing, and remind them that even though they are considered adults that they still have the parents’ support.  I don’t believe I have told my daughter that personally, and I see her trying to do everything on her own and I sometimes do not know if she needs help. Like my wife said, we did not establish communication and trust before our daughter’s transition to college. Bonding can be a source of stress relief for a student. But it is not too late!… Now to answer the other part to your question, I found everything important in this guide. There were some things that were confusing to me, but that is due to my lack of vocabulary and lack of knowledge about the college system. I had trouble understanding the credit hour chart, but my daughter explained it to me. I found that it is important for parents to know that there are ways for students to save money and graduate a little bit quicker. However, we as parents must know the limitations of our student and not pressure them to taking more hours than they can handle. I also found the financial aid information very useful. It clarified how students apply and receive other sources of financial aid.” - Agustin Mejia

  1. After reading the RFC guide book, what tips will you take from the book?

“My wife and I were actually discussing this last night after reading the guide, and both decided to try to create a closer bond with our daughter. Even though she is a senior this year, we are a little late to the game here, but we feel that it is still important to establish communication so that we can guide her and aid in her transition out of college.” - Agustin Mejia

“Even though it is difficult to predict the future, it is important to plan ahead and be organized. This could help her to take on future predicaments smoother.” - Elena Mejia

  1. Would you recommend that all parents should read this?

“YES, whether you’re educated or not about this subject, we as parents sometimes forget minor details, or do not even know of any details. This can also help a parent and student get a feel of what the campus life is like. From reading the guide book, you can tell that they want the best for the students, and that it is important for parents to involved with their student and be aware of what is the student going through.” - Elena Mejia

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