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Meeting iFactory and Stakeholder Interviews

January 07, 2019

iFactory visited campus to learn about our school.

In December, we welcomed iFactory representatives Pete and Caroline to campus. In addition to being an absolute delight, they are really good at their jobs!

Pete and Caroline conducted seven stakeholder interviews with a sampling of almost 50 representatives from across campus. These included:

  • An executive session (Deans and VPs)
  • Enrollment management
  • A sampling of academic programs
  • The Web Team (members of Communications and Marketing and IT)
  • Staff who serve target groups for student growth
  • Representatives from the Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Primary content contributors to the website

Their goal was to learn about us as an institution, how we use the website and how we want to use it in the future. They will use the data from these sessions to help guide the future portions of the audit project.

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