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January 15, 2019

What to discuss with your student(s) going into the next semester.
  • Financial status

    • Is your student’s tuition bill paid?
      • Either through financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans, or general payments. How can you and your student be financially prepared for the financial challenges of college life? The more free money (financial aid, scholarships, grants), the better!
        • Have them apply for ASU’s General Scholarship application through RamPort. By submitting this, your student is automatically applied to all applicable scholarships offered at Angelo State!
    • Do you and your student have a plan for paying for next semester?
      • The FAFSA 2019-2020 is now available online for submission. It is always beneficial to see what grants are available to you! 
      • If your student is using student loans, do they have a long-term plan on repaying it upon graduation?
      • Building a savings account, or possibly a certificate of deposit bank account, can be beneficial to have to continue to deposit extra money into for student loan payments in the future. These bank accounts accrue interest over time, which allows for extra money to pay the loans off faster!
    • Does your student have spare money for essentials?
      • Whether by parental support or earning the money on their own, every students need money on hand at all times. Either for a morning coffee to get through the day, or amenities such as toilet paper, your student should always have their OneCard or spare money on hand!
    • Should your student get a job? On or off-campus?
      • Angelo State offers many resources for obtaining a job while in college. For more information on current part-time and work study job openings on and off campus, click here.


  • Carpool: How will your student get to the store, across campus, and home for weekends, breaks, etc.?

    • ASU Ram Tram:
      • The ASU Ram Tram is a free transportation system created and regulated by Angelo State to get students around the city of San Angelo as long as they have their ASU One Card. There are two routes: the Blue Route which runs on Fridays and Saturdays, and the Gold Route which runs on Tuesdays.
      • To read more about the Ram Tram and its routes, click here.
    • Carpool with friends:
      • Suggest to your student(s) without personal vehicles to ask roommates or friends when they are going to the store, and if they could tag along to get essential shopping done. 
    • Investing in a bike:
      • There are so many benefits to getting a bike while in college. Angelo State has a mile-long sidewalk that runs through campus from the Massie/Texan Residential Halls to the Centennial Village Residence Hall on the other side of campus. For the average person, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk this completely. You can leave your bike at any bike rack across campus when you are not using it, even over breaks when you’re not on campus. It WILL save time!
      • If your student does decide to purchase a bike, ASU Police advises investing in a U-Lock bike lock which is $16 at Walmart to prevent the bike from getting stolen.
    • Lyft and Uber:
      • Lyft and Uber apps are available on your phone for transportation throughout San Angelo for a small fee. If you do not live too far from San Angelo, these apps may be an option to take your student home for weekends and breaks.
        • The maximum distance Lyft can offer is 60 miles, and the maximum ride time for Uber is 4 hours.
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