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MARCH MODEL RAM: Tracey Garrett

March 01, 2019

Tracey Garrett, an ASU Alumni, is our Model Ram for March! She was heavily involved in multiple Student Organizations on campus such as AMAS (Association of Mexican-American Students), BOSS (Black Organization Striving for Success), GOF (Generation of Faith choir), and more, but is now working as a Parole Officer.

Please give us a little bit of your background, your hobbies, what you like to do you in your spare time, etc.  

I love to watch Hallmark movies.

What is your current occupation?

Parole Officer

While at ASU were you involved in any organizations or teams and what was your role?

I was a member of: BOSS (Black Organization Striving for Success), AMAS (Association of Mexican American Students), GOF (Generation of Faith choir), A Sigma Sweet (Little Sister to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity), and I participated and some of the Christian Ministries activities. 

In what ways did ASU help you to achieve your goals after graduation?  

Being involved in some of the previously mentioned organizations allowed me the opportunity to volunteer with organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club and United Way which helped develop my communication skills.

What skills did you take away from ASU?

Independence and communication

Were there any faculty or staff that made a difference for you during your time at ASU?  

Yes, there were several. One professor noticed how often I attended the math tutoring sessions and called me to her office to offer her assistance. That personal attention from the professors made all the difference. 

What is one of your fondest memories of ASU?

Hanging out with friends in the lobby of the men’s High Rise.

Can you please provide a quote about your experience at ASU/what ASU means to you?

ASU was one of the best experiences of my life. It allowed me to enter the world with confidence. 

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