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MIDTERMS: What to expect

February 07, 2019

Halfway through the semester, professors give tests, projects, and papers due around the same time to all students in all classes. For the spring semester, that’s March! Some professors prefer to give the class Midterm before Spring Break, so it is out of the way and students may enjoy their break. Others rather administer the midterm after students return from Spring Break, so that students may take the week-long break to prepare!

Here are some ways to help your student prepare for midterms:

Midterm stress

  • Midterms and exams in general are a trying time for college students, which can drive them to take all-nighters at the library, mountains of coffee and energy drinks, and time away from friends and social groups. It seems cliche, but one way to help them through midterms is to contact them and ask how they’re feeling. All it takes is for someone to check that they are eating, getting enough sleep and taking necessary breaks!

Mental support

  • Encourage your student to speak with other students taking the same class.

  • Chances are when your student is feeling unsettled in a class, other students are feeling the same way. Just having someone to talk to about the class can offer solace to midterm-jitters!

Supplies and study tools

  • It is agreed upon across the board: the best thing your student can do is to START EARLY! As soon as they know when their midterm(s) is/are, and what may be on the exam, it is best to get familiar with the information early! This gives students time to ponder the information outside of class, have outside discussions with classmates, and ask professors questions on anything they are unsure about prior to the test.
  • Time management: Remind your student to plan their class times, midterm dates, work, and study sessions accordingly in whatever way best benefits them.
  • Sending your student a care package! Some things you may consider including:
    • Index cards, pens, notebooks, and other necessary school supplies
    • Packaged food: ramen, popcorn, canned soup, cookies, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, assorted candy, starbucks gift card
    • Any prescription medication your student needs
    • A letter, email, call, or text to lift their spirits!
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