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Countdown to Graduation

March 15, 2019

What is the process to help your students make sure they complete the application for graduation? Yes, there is an application. Also, some tips to help you as the parents and families to prepare you to have a college graduate soon.

Everyone wants to share their tips in having a college graduate but here are three that you won’t hear at commencement.


  1. Their education isn’t over- Life is a continues classroom
  2. The perfect job can be an illusion but helping them create one by pre-launching or outsourcing their skills. Encouraging them to talk to people who they work with or have worked with to express they wish to come on-board with their newly obtained diploma.
  3. “Serve someone else’s dream first” - Seth Barnes. An apprenticeship can teach more than they really know. Your student will want to:
    • Find one
    • Help them achieve their dream
    • Learn from them by serving someone’s dream.  

Angelo States process with what your soon to be graduate needs to do:

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