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May Pride of ASU: Taylor Woodard

March 26, 2019

Our Pride of ASU for the month of May is UCPC’s Taylor Woodard!

Name: Taylor Woodard

Major: Mass Media

Classification: Junior

Graduation: Spring 2020

Hometown: Bluff Dale, Texas


How did you learn about ASU?

I first heard about ASU through a friend who was a year older than me and was already attending her freshman year here. She told me all about the school and that I needed to check out everything that ASU had to offer.

Why did you want to attend ASU?

My main reason for wanting to attend ASU was because of the atmosphere of the school. I am from a very small town and did not want to attend a college that was too large. I love that our campus is small and that I know a lot of the people around school because that is what I grew up with.

What is your favorite thing about ASU?

I think my favorite thing about ASU is how welcoming everyone on campus is. When you start here as a freshman, you are really encouraged to get involved somehow on campus. I love that everyone can find their place to fit in at our school.

What are some of your hobbies?

I’m a total book nerd. I love spending time immersed in a good story. It is a chance to kind of escape reality and spend time away from the stress of everyday life. Especially when school is causing me stress, it’s just nice to sit in a quiet space a read for a while.

Are you involved in any student organizations?

I have been a part of UCPC for the last three years that I’ve been here. We program events for students on campus and give them the chance to spend time away from day to day school life.

Do you work on campus? If so, where and what are your responsibilities?

I actually started working for UCPC in the fall of 2018. I am the nighttime chairperson, so I lead my committee in planning and putting on the events on campus that happen in the evening. We do events like bingo, talent show, the annual Dance Marathon, and open mic nights.

What is one piece of advice you would give to help college students succeed?

I would tell them to get involved. Figure out something you really enjoy doing and hold on to it. Join whatever you want to on campus. Through joining, I have found people in my life that keep me sane. The best way to succeed in school is by having a close group of people that help de-stress you when you need it. The people you surround yourself with are going to be the people that help you succeed.

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