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Conversation Starters: Stress Levels

May 01, 2019

Yes, it feels like we just got through Midterms. It’s that time again.

According to a 2018 study by CBS, 3 out of 4 of college students admit they are stressed. Success is sometimes portrayed as a linear path; this can lead to destructive anxiety and perfectionism for those trying to achieve their goals. What can you do to help your student cope? As many in the adult world come to realize: success is all about balance. Balance is key to a stress-free environment: social expectations, studies, sleep, well-being, financial responsibilities, and daily duties.

Parental anxiety exists!

“Parental anxiety stems from the perception that academic competition is too fierce and the path to success is too linear for youth to take a misstep. This world view manifests in anxiety and destructive perfectionism in today’s youth. If we recognize these beliefs as a reflection of a civic culture of fear brought on by rapid change, rather than based on intrinsic truths, then parents can value the social/emotional health of a child over an intensive (almost obsessive) focus on academics.”

How do you overcome? 

While it may seem cliche and obvious, the best you can do for your student is to be a listening ear to address their concerns and stress. If your student is not stressed, you have no reason to be. 

Conversation Starters: 
  • “When are your final exams?”
  • “Do you feel prepared for your exams?”
  • “Have you asked your professor?” 
  • “Are you confident about your final exams?”
  • “When do you plan to come home after finals?” 
  • “Do you need anything (supplies, food, money, to talk)?”


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