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Annual Staff Awards Nominees

April 09, 2019

Seventy-six Angelo State University staff members have been nominated for ASU’s annual President’s Awards for Staff Excellence, and six staff members have been nominated for the annual Chancellor’s Colonel Rowan Award for Execution.

Four Staff Excellence Awards are given each spring semester to recognize non-teaching staff members whose job performance exceeded the customary standards or who exhibited outstanding skill or dedication while performing special projects during the preceding calendar year. An award will be given to one staff member in each of four categories: Commitment to Excellence, Excellence in Customer Service, Excellence in Innovation and Excellence in Leadership. The Rowan Award recognizes a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in carrying out a major project during the last academic year.

All nominees are recognized with a certificate. The four Staff Excellence Award recipients will each receive a $1,000 honorarium and a presentation piece, while the Rowan Award winner will receive a $1,500 honorarium. The presentation ceremony is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 17, in the Houston Harte University Center’s C.J. Davidson Conference Center.

Staff Excellence Award nominees by department for Commitment to Excellence are: Amanda Ritchie, Admissions; Brian Braden, Information Technology; Brittney Miller, Communications and Marketing; Cody Riddle, Agriculture; Derek Salazar, Visual and Performing Arts; Dianna Krejsa, Biology; Erika Baeza, Multicultural and Student Activities Programs; Frosty Aguilar, Information Technology; Heather Crawford, Admissions; Jayna Phinney, College of Science and Engineering; Jennifer Barrientos, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Judith McAnanama, Facilities Management; Justina Stark, Finance and Administration; Katherine Thoreson, Visual and Performing Arts; Kaylee King, Student Life; Landon Fisher, Information Technology; Lori Herron, College of Education; Mark Hirt, Information Technology; Michelle Newell, Aerospace Studies; Mike Gustin, Facilities Management; Orlando Villarreal, University Police; Paul Hamilton, Housing and Residential Programs; Paula Bradley, Mail Services; Robert Cope, Agriculture; Sam Spooner, Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management; Sarah Foster, Facilities Management; and Tonya Drost, College of Education.

Nominees for Excellence in Customer Service are: Alma Valdez, Political Science and Philosophy; Amanda Gibson, Nursing; Annette Dixon, Agriculture; Brittany Wollman, Library; Christina van Ittersum, Communications and Marketing; Cindy Weeaks, Registrar; Erin Johnson, Library-West Texas Collection; Jeff Sefcik, Enrollment Management; Jenny Hock, Library; Jessica Albus, Information Technology; Jody Casares, Biology; Joshua Torres, OneCard Office; Julia Chandler, Information Technology; Kailee Malleck, Special Events; Keith Hoelscher, Financial Aid; Maggie Blair, College of Education; Mandy Osborne, Curriculum and Instruction; Marla Daugherty, Visual and Performing Arts; Mary Ann Boyd, Budget Office; Mary Snowden, College of Education; MaryAnne Low, Norris-Vincent College of Business; Melody Kelley, College of Arts and Humanities; Nancy Thomas, Nursing; Nancy Vandiver, Student Affairs; Olivia Castro, Small Business Development Center; Princess Fiel-Murphy, Mathematics; Rebecca Schkade, Information Technology; Robin Sebolt, Payroll Services; Ruben Limon, Facilities Management; Sandy Graves, Athletics; Shonda Brooks, Payroll Services; and Troy Hill, Athletics.

Excellence in Innovation nominees are: Dallas Swafford, Student Affairs; Daniel Martinez, College of Education; E.J. Smith, Information Technology; Ella Burnett, Teacher Education; Jon Wilcox, Information Technology; Jordan Hohensee, Norris-Vincent College of Business; Rebecca Schkade, Information Technology; and Suzie Dusek, Enrollment Management.

Nominees for Excellence in Leadership are: Eddie Behrends, Agriculture; Elicia Rankin, Purchasing and Operations; Jeane Irby, Information Technology; Jessica Gooch, Housing and Residential Programs; Meagan Word, College of Education; Melissa King, Admissions; Randall Jenkins, Student Affairs; Shirley Eoff, Honors Program; and Ty Walden, Information Technology.

Rowan Award nominees are: Curt Braden, Information Technology; Dallas Swafford, Student Affairs; Jayna Phinney, College of Science and Engineering; Jennifer Barrientos, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Joey Hereford, Information Technology; and Manuel San Miguel, Archer College of Health and Human Services.

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