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AUGUST MODEL RAM: Deborah Watson

April 16, 2019

Name:  Deborah Watson

Degree: Master’s in Public Administration and BBA specializing in MIS

Graduating year: 2011 and 2003


Please give us a little bit of your background, your hobbies, what you like to do you in your spare time, etc. 

I applied to ASU as a single mother of an 18 month old daughter who was tired of being poor. I began my undergrad in 1999. It was by far the most difficult and most rewarding 5 and ½ years of my life. If it had not been for ASU, professors and staff I would not be where I am today. I worked in the ASU IT Department, I began answering the phones and the Student Technician supervisor, Aaron told me I needed to work in the back. I learned the basis of what I needed to know and for 10 years ran my own IT Department at a local nonprofit clinic. I wanted to be an officer of that organization and was advised to get my Master’s degree. I knew I would find what I was looking for at ASU. While my Master’s degree is no longer offered at ASU there are other degrees that would complement anyone’s resume. For hobbies, I’ve always been an avid reader who loves mystery novels the best. I love my animals, love to go trail riding and take care of our chickens. I married in 2007 and together we have 6 children. The youngest of the 6 is my son who graduates high school in 2020. I am proud to say that my daughter is attending ASU and is in her junior year. We also have seven grandchildren and one on the way.

What is your current occupation?

Vice President of Operations for the San Angelo Health Foundation. I have been here for four years.

While at ASU were you involved in any organizations or teams and what was your role?

Undergrad I was a student technician for the ASU IT Department.  My time employed there is where I got my start in the IT world. Prior to being the Vice President of Operations at the Health Foundation, I was the Chief Information Officer at La Esperanza Clinic.

In what ways did ASU help you to achieve your goals after graduation? 

Graduating from ASU taught me I can excel at anything I put my mind to. I also learned that it is okay to reach out and ask for help when there are things I cannot do or do not know.

What skills did you take away from ASU?

Working in groups! I learned to listen as well and not just take notes. The basics of all things computers.

Were there any faculty or staff that made a difference for you during your time at ASU

As an undergrad, there was a TA (Teacher’s Assistant) named Ms. Probrandt that convinced me I didn’t need to drop out. I’m not sure if she knows how much of an impact her advice had on me. I was frustrated with my degree choice at the time and thought I should throw in the towel. She told me to keep on going, and that if I didn’t like my degree choice to pick another one. That is just one.

All of the professors while obtaining my Master’s were amazing. It was a totally different experience. The classes were smaller and you had the chance to get to know your classmates and your professors better.

What is one of your fondest memories of ASU?

Cliché as it is – walking across the stage to receive my Master’s degree and all six of our children were there to witness it is one of my proudest moments of my life.

Can you please provide a quote about your experience at ASU/what ASU means to you?

I would not be where I am at today if it weren’t for ASU. I’m thankful to have such a wonderful university that I get to take advantage of.

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