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Seniors final year in college, are they ready?

September 23, 2019

Name: Dylan Jimenez

Major:  Communications

Hometown: Sweetwater, Texas

Name: Justin Edwards 
Major:  English
Hometown: Wichita Falls, Texas 

“I am excited about the next phase after college, I think it will be an exciting adventure. I am not too worried about my major being applicable because I think networking and relationship building is more important to get a job in the field I am interested in than my major. I am looking to travel and try new things before I start a career or consider more school.”


Name: Juan Martinez
Major: Criminal Justice 
Hometown: Leakey, Texas

“I’m not going to say that I completed ready but I’m excited to start my next phase after college, I’m going to start working 

and I want to start pursuing my career. No, I’m not worried because I know there are plenty of jobs there for criminal justice majors like criminal justice agencies. I want to start my master but also I want to start working, so I’m not sure is getting my master of work for a few years and then come back to school and get my master’s degree.”

Name: Yejin Hur 
Major: Marketing 
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

“I am not ready at all because I am not a student anymore and I am going to be a real adult. I am worried about my major because my major is marketing and some many students have a marketing major, so I think is really competitive that is why I am really worried about my major, I am an international student so is really hard to get a Visa or Green Card, so I am worried about my future after I graduated. After I graduated I will try to get a job and try to get a green card but if I don’t I will try to go to Graduate school for a master’s in ASU or America. Thank You.”


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