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Laundry Machine Operator(MVO)

Employer: Dept of the Air Force: Goodfellow AFB
Posted: September 23, 2020


Operate approximately 1 to 4 washer extractors ranging from 60-100 pound capacity of which most all are computerized and hooked up to automated additive dispensary lines.
Operates approximately 1 to 4 gas heated dryers ranging from 75-120 pound capacity. Will also operate a small piece folder, automatic folder and flatwork ironer.
Removes wet loads from washer and places in basket by lots and places into dryers exercising care and judgement with regard to overloading and distributing articles in cylinder so as to avoid scorching of items.
Operates government vehicle up to one ton on a regular and reoccurring basis. Makes daily linen pick-up and delivery throughout transient facilities. Receives soiled linen, verifies count, and sorts linen by type. Delivers furniture, appliances, supplies, etc., as required.
Maintains a record of all linen processed, to include but not limited to, daily pick-up and deliveries by building, monthly totals of linen processed, monthly and semi-annual inventories, salvages, and deliveries of new linen. Recommends quantities to purchase to replenish stock.


Guaranteed 20hr/wk, can work up to 40hrs/wk


$10.77 to $12.56/hr


If interested in applying for this position you may preview the online application at USAJOBS.

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