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Fuentes Weekend Lounge

January 01, 2012

John Fuentes

John Fuentes has always been a conservative entrepreneur, but a very successful one, too. When the recent explosion of interest in the downtown area began taking place, the business owner decided to wait to see if the increased night traffic would continue.

After noticing the consistent flow of crowds boosting his evening sales, John realized it was time to reap the benefits. He turned to the Angelo State University-Small Business Development Center and Advisor Pedro Ramirez for help.

During the course of the following weeks, John decided to expand his hours of operations and keep his restaurant open on Friday and Saturday nights. He named it the “Fuentes Weekend Lounge.” The new lounge has not only provided an excellent food source for the downtown night life, but it has drawn a new smoke conscience crowd due to its non-smoking policy. It has also created a vibrant new dance space.

The change has resulted in the retention of 43 employees and the hiring of 3 additional ones. It has also increased the client’s alcohol and food sales. Now John is keeping his eyes out for potential new expansion opportunities.