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Class Discussion on Civic Responsibility

October 01, 2012

An introduction to the idea of civic responsibility.


To introduce students to the idea of civic responsibility

Special requirements: 

An article, quotation, or film with a theme of civic responsibility (There are numerous suggestions found here.)

Time required:  

One hour, plus advance time for students to read article, study
quotation, or view film  


Assign a short article, write quotations on the board, or show a film or
film clip that focuses on civic responsibility.

Sample reflection: 

Ask students to consider some of the following questions:  

  • What are our responsibilities as citizens of our communities, our society, or the world?    
  • If you have students in your classroom who come from other countries, ask them to share with the class what expectations surround citizenship in their native lands.    They could also consider what qualities make up a good citizen; what kinds of issues are public issues; and what potential solutions exist for these concerns.    
  • How do film characters exhibit examples of active citizenship?  
  • How do the quotations or articles teach us about civic responsibility? For example, students viewing Gandhi or Malcolm X or reading Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” could research the main character’s life and message and how they relate to civic responsibility.


Assignment adapted from Integrating Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum.