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Graduate Assistant

Employer: Laura W. Bush Institute For Women’s Health
Posted: October 24, 2012


Assisting the San Angelo Administrator and Director with all duties and responsibilities. Assists with activities of the San Angelo LWBIWH, including outreach programs, research projects and professional education and monitors the utilization of human and financial resources as appropriate.  Primary duties include but are not limited to assisting with Girl Power and Day of the Woman presenting Mrs. Laura W. Bush. Serves as the liaison with the community, administration, staff, faculty, and residents.  Is well informed about issues, significance and timing of activities, and events of the Institute that can be communicated effectively to internal and external entities/agencies. Assists with assigned staff and project volunteers/some projects may have upwards of 100 persons involved. Seeks detailed information and becomes the local expert on available community, regional, state, national and federal resources pertinent to LWBIWH. Assists with Organizing, coordinating, and planning activities such as conferences, workshops, and outreach activities, receptions, health fairs, symposia and other events to further the mission of the Institute.  Attends LWBIWH meetings for planning, developing and supporting the campus-wide efforts of the mission, goals, and objectives for the Institute as needed.  Performs other duties as needed and assigned to ensure smooth functioning of all initiatives housed at the ASU Center for Community Wellness, Engagement, and Development. Must have Strong interpersonal skills; Public relations and marketing skills; Ability to work with advisory boards; Computer skills; ability to develop data bases and Excellent writing skills, ability to prepare a variety of reports.  Acquiring Master’s degree with a major in Communications, Marketing, or related field. Minimum of one year experience in non-profit administration preferred  


Up to 17.5 hrs/wk




Call Berkeley Puckitt at 325-486-6478 or send email to