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Goff Contributes to Writing Center Study

November 14, 2012


English graduate student and Writing Center tutor, Courtney Goff, has contributed to a recent publication on writing centers.  Here in her own words is a description of the project:


“I became involved with a research project at UT-Permian Basin in Spring 2006, under the leadership of Dr. Rebecca Day Babcock.  The research team consisted of Dr. Babcock, UTPB’s writing center director, and three students including me.  We sought to analyze the existing scholarship about university writing centers; this project required reading numerous articles and studies and deciphering recurring themes that seemed pertinent.  In our analysis, we wanted to discover the perceived effectiveness of writing centers and to suggest how our findings could be used to improve university writing centers going forward.  After just over five years of work, we compiled our findings and crafted a final manuscript with each team member working on a section and sharing it with other members for final approval.  This proved challenging at times because research team members are scattered across the state; however, e-mail and file-sharing has been the basis of our communication throughout the final stage of this project.  The ultimate product, A Synthesis of Qualitative Studies of Writing Center Tutoring, 1983-2006, was accepted for publication by Peter Lang Publishing in early 2012.  

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