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Assistant Event Center Manager, NR-III

Employer: USAF NAFJobs - Goodfellow AFB
Posted: March 21, 2013


Responsible experience which has demonstrated the ability to manage business activities.  This experience may have been gained in the operation or management of a center with social, recreational, leisure programs or food and beverage programs or related program. The experience must have provided knowledge of principles and procedures of a social, recreational, leisure programs or food and beverage programs or related program.  Must be  physically able to lift 40lbs.  Subject to satisfactory completion favorable National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) as a condition of employment.  Must be able to obtain a ServSafe Management Certification.

Directly responsible for the economic and efficient of community center and food and beverage operation of the Goodfellow Event Center operations.  This includes 2 lounges, a snack bar operation within the Events Center and two satellite snack bars.  Promotes, organizes, and schedules social, recreational, education, and leisure programs, activities and events. Implements higher-level directives, formulates procedures and programs to ensure high standards of food and beverage, recreational and promotional programs.  Ensures revenues and expenditures are properly accounted for and recorded in order to provide reliable financial reports, and to maintain accountability over assets.  Ensures accurate inventory records are maintained.  Develops budget plan estimates and justifications for any major purchase in the community center and food and beverage area of the operation.  Ensures daily Profit and Loss Statements are prepared.  Ensures kitchen supervisor prepares menus with hands-on recurring training to subordinates.  Ensure kitchen and bar cost cards are maintained and updated quarterly.  Takes corrective action when food and beverage costs exceed established goals.  Ensures adequate inventory levels of all items needed for the food and beverage operation are maintained.  Monitors public health requirements and ensures compliance with all Air Force health and sanitation requirements.  Stays current on all aspects of the administration of an Air Force club.  Ensures proper military and civilian protocol are followed at all times.  Conducts needs and interest assessments to determine programming and instructional class offering.  Develops and executes tournaments and contests.  Co-sponsors family activities with other base agencies.  Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, the difficulty of the work to be performed, and the capabilities of employees.  Evaluates work performance.  Gives advice, counsel or instruction to employees on both work and administrative matters.  Effects minor disciplinary measures, such as warnings and reprimands, recommending other action in more serious cases.


Variable, will include weekends - 20 guaranteed hours with benefits.


$10.90 - $20.00/hr


Anyone interested in applying for the position should apply online at  Applicants claiming Veteran’s Preference will need to upload or fax a copy of their DD 214, Member Copy 4. For Military Spouse Preference, applicants need to upload or fax a copy of their spouse’s orders assigning him/her to Goodfellow AFB.