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ASU Adds Philosophy Bachelor’s Degree

February 06, 2013

Angelo State University’s Department of Political Science and Philosophy has added a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy to begin with the 2013 fall semester.

The new program will allow ASU students currently pursuing a minor in philosophy to continue their studies to the bachelor’s degree level, and will allow new students to declare a major in philosophy.  Dr. Susana Badiola, associate professor of philosophy, will teach the courses for the philosophy program along with Dr. John Glassford, associate professor of political science.

Among the courses to be offered are Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Critical Reasoning and Logic, History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, History of Contemporary Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy and Philosophy of Science.

Badiola said philosophy teaches students to look at subjects from different angles to get the whole picture, and is helpful no matter the subject.  It can be applied to a wide spectrum of subjects, such as law, theology, medicine, political science and the arts, and can help students develop intellectual flexibility by exposing them to differing viewpoints.

“Philosophy helps you better understand the world around you,” she said, “and it helps you cultivate critical and analytical skills while fostering personal and intellectual growth.”

For more information, contact Badiola at 325-486-6105 or, or go online to