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Laborer (Lodging)

Employer: USAF NAF HR: Goodfellow AFB
Posted: September 04, 2020


Laborer NA-3502-02

  • Loads, unloads, moves, and stacks material such as heavy boxes and bulky items by hand, hand-trucks, or dollies.
  • Operates hand tools and simple power equipment such as hand lawnmowers, walking-type power mowers, hand-saws, hatchets, and clippers to perform tasks such as mowing lawns, clearing small trees and bushes, and removing snow.
  • May use a shovel or dig ditches and trenches where soil is not compacted and grading and sloping is not required, or to fill holes, level bumps and low places, or remove coal, ash, snow, dirt, etc.
  • Performs a variety of manual tasks such as moving, arranging, collecting, and cleaning equipment and materials.
  • May collect and empty garbage cans, burn garbage and trash, and wash and wax cars and trucks by hand or using powered buffer.

Laborer NA-3502-01

  • This is a developmental position having known promotion potential to the NA-02 level upon satisfactory complete of required training and experience with supervisory recommendation.
  • Performs a variety of simple, manual tasks involving the use of simple hand tools and equipment.
  • Lifts and carries light-to-medium weight packages, materials, tools, furniture, debris, etc. while using hand trucks and/or dollies to move bulkier items, as well as, opens and unpacks cardboard cartons by hand and removes contents.
  • Picks up trash and paper from grounds and working areas, as well as, cuts grass with push lawn mower (manual); rakes leaves, spreads mulch; pulls weeds; trims and waters grass; sprays pre-mixed weed and/or insect control solutions; spreads abrasives and/or chemicals on icy surfaces; shovels snow.
  • Washes motor vehicles; and wipes dirt or grease from hand tools, as well as, planting minor landscape items.


Guaranteed 20 hours, can work up to 40 hours per week.  You may be required to work nights, weekends and holidays.


$8.71 to $10.67 per hour 


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