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Library Annual Activity Levels Report

January 14, 2014

This article provides access to the Porter Henderson Library’s Annual Activity Levels Report for Fiscal Year 2013 which covers a variety of Library services such as circulation, interlibrary loan, and library instruction to name a few. The article also offers insight into elements that impacted the results.

A copy of the Library’s Annual Activity Levels Report for FY 13 may be found at: The document is a summary report for the use of the Library’s services and information databases.


Some of the transactions went down in the review period. Examples include net cataloged items added, circulation, interlibrary loan, number of students participating in library instruction, and the number of searches performed in the online services. The drop in net items cataloged was due to the reduction in the HEAF allocation and a massive weeding project in several subject areas. Circulation count drops are a reflection of reliance on online resources over the traditional print resources. The drop in interlibrary loan transactions can also be attributed to having more e-resources available here in the Library as well as in other schools that traditionally borrow from ASU. The ASU Library remained a 5 to 1 net lender. That may be interpreted as how adequate the resources are at ASU to meet the curricular and basic research needs of the ASU community. The number of fewer participants in instruction sessions was a reflection in enrollment declines as the number of classes taught went up and less self-reporting of the use of the online tutorials. The drop in the number of searches in online services was a result in the way vendors count searches. There was also a significant decrease in question counts. This can be attributed to drops in enrollment and returning students being more familiar with the Learning Commons and feeling more confident in their ability to retrieve materials especially with USearch.


In addition to the large increase in database items retrieved (due primarily by a change in the way vendors count items retrieved), there were significant increases in Media Circulation (due to a new service called “Films on Demand”), door counts reached a new record, and a turnaround in the Documents count for the year.


All of the great resources and new spaces are made possible by the Library Fee. I greatly appreciate the continued support by the Student Government Association for the Library Fee and the University’s administration’s support for the Library operations by using the fee money as primarily enhancement monies. Obviously, the online infrastructure is crucial to the operations of the University and extremely vital for the Library to meet the demands of the ASU community which is increasingly living in an online environment.