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TexShare and ASU: Working Together for You!

January 23, 2014

Membership in TexShare allows the Porter Henderson Library to provide access to more databases at a greatly reduced cost.

The next time you are searching the Library’s databases, please take note of the TexShare symbol because it highlights a successful collaboration among Texas libraries to provide more resources to everyone at a more manageable cost. With the continually rising cost of resources and a desire to provide access to the best databases possible, the Porter Henderson Library at Angelo State University has been a member of TexShare for the past 15 years.

TexShare is a consortium of Texas libraries who have been working together for the past 25 years to find an efficient and economical method for sharing access to print and electronic resources. Currently, TexShare consists of 693 libraries from colleges, universities, professional schools, medical libraries, and public libraries. Angelo State University’s participation in TexShare brings you access to many popular databases. A list of databases may be found here:

This year, the databases we receive through membership in TexShare cost $13,731. Without TexShare, subscription to the same databases would cost $161,809. the savings with TexShare continue through services such as the TexShare Card Program and TExpress. The TexShare Card Program is an agreement that allows patrons to borrow materials directly from participating libraries. For more information about the TexShare Card Program and how to obtain one, please check here: The TExpress Program is a cost-effective courier service designed to improve interlibrary loan services by bringing materials requested through participating libraries in a method more quickly than using mail services.